Low Offer from an Insurance Company

After a natural disaster, homeowners should be able to expect that their insurers will be there to uphold their end of the bargain. Sadly, many insurance companies fail to adequately assess the damages that are caused by a disaster and, thereby, fail to fairly compensate their policyholders when they need it most.

A low offer from insurance company is often the experience for so many claimants. This is because making a claim with your insurance provider, according to United Policyholders, a national insurance consumer advocacy group, is basically a business negotiation.

This is because Insurance companies are businesses, thus, they will do everything they can to pay as little as possible on claims that their policyholders file. This means your insurance provider will send out their own claims adjuster to determine the extent of damages on your property, and there is a good chance they will not be as thorough as you would hope. Therefore, if you want a fair evaluation and assessment to your damages, you should consider working with a licensed public insurance claim adjuster or appraiser who can help you make sure you are treated fairly.

Basically, insurance company adjusters work for the insurance company that hired them, thus, they could only represent the interests of their employer. A public adjuster, on the other hand, works for you, thus, you can expect that they will act in your best interest and will present a comprehensive claim on your behalf. There are instances that your insurance provider will provide you with an adjuster, however, it is important to know that this adjuster’s loyalty will be with your insurer. For you to receive the insurance settlement you deserve, be sure to contact a public adjuster.

Another probable reason for your insurance provider’s low offer, in the event of damaging floods, is the standardized price list used by insurance adjusters in determining how much to reimburse homeowners for their losses. Some observers, however, see the figures in this list to be unrealistically low.

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